Host a Multi-Sport Games

World Combat Games

  • Unique opportunity for focused International promotion
  • Action sports take central stage
  • No unnecessary disruptions to city traffic
  • fully contained and credible competition
  • Engagement with youth and community in new exciting ways
  • Promotion of public health and wellness through urban sports
  • Extensive global media coverage showcasing the host city as energetic, creative and talented

World Mind Games

  • Bring sport to life in your city
  • Provide worldwide multi-channel media exposure
  • Feature the world’s best athletes
  • Establish a perfect bridge between elite sport and local communities
  • Promote the values of respect, self-control and determination
  • Emphasise event management capability
  • Stimulate youth participation in combat sports and martial arts
  • Connect to unified fan communities from multiple combat sports and martial arts
  • Associate with the culture and values of combat sports and martial arts
  • Highlight CSR programmes in partnership with local communities

World Urban Games

  • World class competition featuring the sports’ best players
  • Association with the culture and values of mind sports
  • Implementing CSR programmes in partnership with the local communities
  • Reaching out to unified fan communities from multiple mind sports
  • Stimulating participation in mind sports, especially among the youth
  • Worldwide multi-channel media exposure